The development team at IO Interactive and publisher Square Enix are announcing that the first episode of the Hitman reboot is now live on the PC, the Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4 and that gamers will get access to a new game feature as soon as next week.

The official site explains that players will be able to get access to the first Elusive Target experience, which challenges gamers to find an entirely new character somewhere in the Paris location and discover its unique backstory and dialogue before taking it out.

The twist is that there’s no way to detect this target using the Instinct power that Agent 47 can benefit from, and there’s only once chance to take it out. This means that players will have to be even more careful than they usually are, learn patterns and then find innovative ways to deliver a killing blow.

The launch version of Hitman also includes the first Escalation Contract, which is designed to introduce a new hit that will escalate in difficulty over the course of five stages, challenging players to have fun with the game mechanics rather than focus on realism.

IO Interactive adds, “We’re at the start of a very exciting journey that we are going to take with you, our players. Thank you for your support so far. You need to buckle up now, though because we’ve officially invited you to enter a world of assassination.”

Five new locations are coming to Hitman in 2016

Live content, which will include more Escalation Contracts and other opportunities to deal with Elusive Targets, will be offered during each week, and the development team might also deliver updates to improve the game experience and the balance.

In April, IO Interactive is planning to take gamers to Sapienza, in Italy, for a full new mission, and then in May, it is time to travel to Marrakech, in Morocco, to eliminate another target in a new environment.

The episodic structure of the new Hitman means that later in the year there are plans to also take Agent 47 to Thailand, Japan and the United States, with all the expansions being free for those who picked up the full version of the game.

The development team has also said that it is already exploring options for the story and the locations that will be included in the second season for the title, which will probably be launched next year.

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