The new iPhone 7 lineup is expected to launch in September and rumor had it that production has already started for the 4.7-inch model at some Apple partner facilities.

And because the manufacturing process is slowly beginning in facilities operated by Apple suppliers, new leaks are expected to reach the web more often and today NWE published two of the best so far.

The photos you see here reveal the 4.7-inch and the Plus models, confirming pretty much everything we already knew about these two devices. Let’s take them one at a time to see what they get new.

First and foremost, the standard iPhone 7 with a 4.7-inch screen comes with a redesigned back, with antenna lines now moved to the top and the bottom of the device. The camera has been moved closer to the top left corner and the cutout seems to be bigger than on the 6s, which is a clear sign that Apple is indeed planning to offer a better camera on the iPhone 7.

Very likely to be legit

The leak comes from a trusted Apple partner, and there are big chances that it is accurate, so a gold version of the iPhone is indeed likely to be offered – there were rumors that a deep blue color version could also be launched, but there’s still no confirmation for this one.

As for the Plus model, this is the best look we get at the dual camera so far. As you can see for yourselves, the dual-camera configuration is indeed making its way onto the 5.5-inch iPhone model, along with a bigger flash and a round sensor cutout.

Although not confirmed, the arrival of the dual camera is very likely to lead to a series of other improvements on the iPhone 7 Plus, including more RAM needed to process the photos shot with this camera, as well as more storage – there have been rumors that a 256GB version of the iPhone 7 is very likely and the Plus will certainly get it.

Certainly, more will be revealed in the coming weeks as more people get access to the iPhone 7 while on production lines, so expect new details to surface soon. But these are clearly the best shots we got so far and there are big chances they are accurate.

The dual camera system to be offered on the iPhone 7 Plus

The dual camera system to be offered on the iPhone 7 Plus

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