Windows 10 build 14352 brought a new File Explorer icon as Microsoft is still searching for the right design after several failed and heavily criticized attempts.

This time, the company has decided to introduce an icon that’s very similar to the one available in the stable builds of Windows 10, adding only small touches here and there – such as the removal of the small shadows at the bottom.

But the new icon brings the total count to six, as Microsoft has been experimenting quite a lot during the development process of Windows 10 trying to find the right icon for File Explorer.

Without a doubt, there were difficult moments throughout this search for a better icon, but it goes without saying that the Windows team should be happy that File Explorer didn’t have the same fate as Recycle Bin – icons released in the first builds of Windows 10 were received with much criticism by the Windows community who described the new designs with very harsh words.

Which one is the ugliest?

This photo published on Twitter by @BAV0 shows all six designs that Microsoft tested during the Windows 10 development process, along with the original File Explorer icon used in Windows.

For background, the version included in build 9926 was one of the most criticized, but the monochrome design that launched in build 14328 wasn’t received well either. The newest icon which made its debut in the recently-released Windows 10 build 14352 seems to make a little bit more sense, mostly because it’s very similar to the one in the stable version of the OS, but it remains to be seen what the community has to say about it.

That’s why we’re letting you decide which File Explorer icon is the ugliest and which one should remain in Windows 10 for the Anniversary Update due in the summer. Make sure you post your thoughts in the comment box below.

All File Explorer icons tested throughout Windows 10 development

All File Explorer icons tested throughout Windows 10 development

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