Google announced that the company no longer supports Wallet Card, but it still wishes to focus on making it easier for people to send and receive money with the Google Wallet app. The first rumors started at the end of March and it seems that they were in fact true, as Google had planned to discontinue the Wallet Card.

Google’s Wallet Card was a service that allowed customers to use a physical card connected to the Wallet App in order to conduct payments. Google has ceased support to the card itself and not the Wallet application, which means that this move will only affect customers who actually use a physical card.

Customers can use American Express or Simple in order to get replacements to their physical cards and Google announced that it teamed up with the two companies in order to offer Wallet Card users a bonus after they sign up.

There are other options for users who prefer physical cards when conducting transactions, as LG Pay is said to be released soon. The mobile payment solution will provide customers with a white card that will incorporate information from all of their cards, so that transactions would be made much easier.

Google introduced the Google Wallet app last fall and provided users with the ability to cash out with a debit card and send money using the recipient’s phone number. The company stated that new features will be provided to the app in the near future.

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