The Google I/O 2016 edition definitely showcased some innovative applications for both Android and iOS users, especially when it comes to messaging or video call. Duo is one of the applications presented at the event and it seems to be one of the fastest apps for video calls.

Just like Allo, Duo is mobile-only, which means that users can register inside the application solely by using their phone numbers, without having to own a Google account. This allows users to enjoy the application without having to deal with other Google proprietary apps. The application will be available on Android and iOS, as well.

The interface is quite simple and straightforward. When placing a call, the application enables the front camera first and then displays a list of available contacts. It allows users to mute the microphone or flip the camera, but it doesn’t come with the option to do a video conference. Duo can seamlessly switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data, without dropping the connection.

The application only occupies 5MB of space on smartphones and Google stated that it focused its resources on reducing the latency on the video and it uses webRTC. It’s an API that supports browser-to-browser applications for voice calling and video chat, without the need of internal or external plugins. It also connects the calls using QUIC over UDP.

Knock Knock feature lets users see a live video of the caller

Placing a call is quite simple using Duo, which comes with a really neat feature that connects people even easier. When the application is ringing, the user can see a live video of the caller so that they can answer the phone and immediately jump into the conversation.

Duo calls are in HD video and audio, and all calls placed through Duo are end-to-end encrypted. The application seamlessly transitions calls between cellular and Wi-Fi networks, without causing any video lag.

Duo will surely compete against Apple’s FaceTime, with the advantage that Google’s app is cross platform. Duo will be available on Android and iOS this summer.

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