Google officially introduced the Google Now on Tap feature in Android Marshmallow last year, in order to provide users with shortcuts for finding online content more easily. Today, Google has announced some new features for Now on Tap service, mainly tools for selecting text and finding image information using the search engine.

Google Now on Tap allows users to find information by simply tapping and holding the Home Button on their Android smartphones. The service analyzes content on the screen and provides suggestions for information that users might be looking for. This feature removes the need to leave an app and open the browser for getting details or content.

Now, it seems that the service from Google is getting an important update with more useful features. The company has announced that Now on Tap will receive a feature for selecting text and getting information about words and phrases so that results can be more precise. After selecting a specific word in the text, Now on Tap will provide definitions and links to relevant applications without having to perform a Google search.

Get info on images in the camera mode

Quick information about images can also be obtained. The feature allows users to activate the Now on Tap service in order to get details on where the image displayed on the screen was taken. The new feature will work across all applications, even with pictures that aren’t stored on the device. The Image Search feature will provide cards with information on the images displayed on the screen.

Moreover, the new tool will allow users to search via their camera app in real time. This could prove very useful when visiting a new place or city and wanting to get more information on landmarks or monuments, before taking a picture. The new feature displays deep links to relevant applications, and users can even point their camera at a movie poster or magazine and get additional information.

The updates start rolling out today, but word definitions are only available in English and will land in other languages in the following weeks.

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