Google’s Messenger application is a good alternative to all third-party messaging applications available in the Play Store, and in Android N Developer Preview, Google has improved the direct reply feature in mini conversation view.

Android N Developer Preview comes with the option to expand Messenger notifications and get multiple options to quickly reply to incoming messages. Once the notification is pulled down, it will reveal a few brief messages from the conversation, along with time stamps, according to Android Police.

It doesn’t just show the most recent message. The feature will prove to be quite useful for those who plan to use direct reply functionality often, without having to actually launch the Messenger application.

The notification stays on the screen until users dismiss it

The latest version of the app also allows users to receive a notification from Messenger and then rely to it from the notification. The notification stays on top until users actually dismiss it while, previously, it was removed as soon as the user hit the Send button.

The new feature is quite useful, considering that conversations can be carried out without users having to open the Messenger app. Direct Reply comes with added features, which makes Messenger even more attractive as a messaging application.

Google released Messenger quite a while ago, in an attempt to replace Hangouts and offer a simpler alternative to users. The app comes with integrated search functions, which enable users to browse through contacts and conversations more easily.

Google’s Messenger also provides options to archive conversations , nd it integrates Material Design UI. The application also supports quick replies and GIFs to make it simpler and more fun to message friends.

At the moment, Hangouts doesn’t support the direct reply feature, which is quite unfortunate since the application could also use some improvement.

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