Just a few days ago, Google introduced the latest Android N Developer Preview, thus signaling the launch of the final Android build later this summer. However, it seems that there are some issues with the final build. Google has confirmed that Maps isn’t compatible with Android Auto.

The information has appeared on Google’s Developer Blog and shows that Google Maps isn’t compatible with Android Auto, which is basically the company’s infotainment platform.

The Support and Release Note page indicates that the Google Maps included in Developer Preview 4 mostly crashes when used with Android Auto. However, there are cases in which the application is simply unable to launch or the navigation just doesn’t work, according to Android Central.

The issue will be fixed in the next Google Maps update

It’s well worth mentioning that the Google Maps version included with the latest Android N DP is 9.30. The report suggests that the issue will be fixed in the next update to Google Maps, namely 9.31. You should also know that the application is expected to receive an update in the coming weeks.

Nevertheless, this is a developer preview of Android N, which means that there is room for error. In addition, the Developer Preview also anticipates Android N could be released sometime around September or October. The unveiling of Android N also implies that new announcements on the next Nexus hardware will be provided.

Until then, Google still has to reveal the name of the upcoming Android version. Back in May, Google announced that it would be taking suggestions from users on which popular dessert Android N should be named after. The selection period has ended, with Google remaining to reveal the result. Still, a Google Android VP has been strongly hinting at Nutella as the main candidate, and it does seem the most likely variant.

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