Keep represents Google’s note-taking utility available for Google users. It autosaves notes in a web interface and puts them in a single place, accessible from smartphones and tablets running Android or iOS (iPhone and iPad).

We are breaking down Keep’s features to show you how easy it is to create and customize notes. It has support for creating lists with items that can be checked off, setting reminders with time and location, adding labels, attaching images, and sharing notes with other people.

Instantly sync notes on all your devices

Google Keep has a web version where it saves everything, a Chrome extension for Windows users to take notes on the spot, and apps for Android and iOS to sync notes across all devices. Since it’s made by Google, it requires you to log in with a Google account.

Chrome extension

After install the web extension from the Chrome Web Store, click the Google Keep icon near the burger button to open a small window and Take a note on the spot, which is automatically saved to the web UI. The name and URL of the current website become the name of the note.

However, it can be removed and replaced with a custom Title by clicking the paperclip icon. Click the label icon to create and Add label, useful for tagging and quickly finding numerous notes. If you change your mind, click the recycle bin icon to Delete note.

Click the square in the lower-right corner of the window to Open in Keep and gain access to additional options.

Web interface

You can view the Edited time, set a Reminder (such as Later today, Tomorrow, Next week, Pick date & time, Pick place), Share the note with another person by typing their name or email address, Change color of the background (useful for creating color-coded notes to spot them easier), Add image from your computer, and send the note to the Archive. Click the More button to be able to Delete note, Add label, Make a copy, and Copy to Google Doc.

If you Show checkboxes, you turn the note into a list and can change priorities by dragging and dropping items, as well as check off tasks when they’re done (tick their boxes to apply strikethrough effect). Completed tasks (thus, no longer important) are moved to the bottom of the notes to get out of your way.

Actions can be taken for multiple selected notes. To do this, click the tick icon on the upper-left corner of each note to enter selection mode. The top bar turns from yellow to gray and displays buttons with possible actions for all (Remind me, Change color, Archive, Delete notes, Change labels, Make a copy, Copy to Google Doc). You can also toggle List View and Grid View by clicking the last button on the yellow bar on top.

Click the burger bottom on the right to open a menu and view only notes with Reminders, Edit and Create new label, access the Archive with notes, and check out the Trash with notes deleted in the last seven days.

Go to Settings to set the List behavior and prevent Keep from adding new items and moving checked ones to the bottom (clear the Add new items to the bottom and Move checked items to bottom boxes), Customize your reminder defaults by setting different times for the Morning, Afternoon and Evening, and make the notes private by preventing the tool from sharing notes with other people (clear the Enable sharing box). Click Save to apply modifications.

To get a visual rundown of the tool, check out our video below. You can also download Google Keep from the Chrome Web Store, Google Play (for Android) and App Store (for iPhone and iPad).

Google Keep Explained: Usage, Video and Download

Keep is Google’s note-taking utility that autosaves all your notes in the cloud and syncs them on all your devices. It’s available for Windows (Chrome extension), Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad). Check out our video and article to find out how it works on Windows:

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