Google is constantly paying attention to its applications, and that’s why it recently released a relatively big update to Google Fit. The new version comes with support for multiple goals, group challenges, target weight, and more.

Google Fit v1.57 was introduced last week, and it came with a major update that brought a redesigned UI and new features. The app is available in the Google Play Store.

Android Police performed an APK teardown for the new version and discovered some new features. That’s how we know that Google Fit v1.57 brings a configurable widget and the option to set extensible goals. Google also added new metrics to the application, aside from the very obvious design change.

Some of the features were activated in the last update while others will soon be available as they appear in the APK. The version will also provide you with the possibility of handling more goals options and support for multiple goals.

The new version comes with the option to create challenges and add participants

Users will be able to create challenges and send out invites to participants. Users who create challenges will have to name them and choose participants from their contact list or simply enter phone numbers and email addresses. Besides, the application will come with a feature that allows users to set their target weight so that they can reach their goal faster.

Moreover, the new version will include a tool for comparing health streaks with people in the city or town. It’s a nice addition since it means that users could get motivated more easily as they have competition.

Google might also introduce a new card dedicated to nutritional information. It would display the user’s daily intake of fat, carbs, protein and either calories or kilojoules. At this point, it’s unclear when Google will activate the new features or if the company will include them in a new update to Google Fit.

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