Microsoft has decided to replace Internet Explorer with Edge as the default browser in Windows 10, so the company kind of expected to lose market share in this particular software business.

But Google Chrome is growing at a pace that only few could predict and is now very close to reaching the 50 percent market share threshold, according to data provided by Net Applications.

Google Chrome continued its growth last month, while Internet Explorer lost even more market share points, so the gap between the two increased. Now Chrome is leading the market with 48.65 percent, while Internet Explorer is the runner-up with 31.65 percent.

Chrome will soon run on 1 in 2 PCs in the world

If the same trends are maintained this month, there are big chances to see Chrome reaching 50 percent very soon, so Google’s browser will be running on 1 in 2 PCs in the whole world. That’s certainly a big achievement that should worry Microsoft even though the company no longer invests in Internet Explorer, but with Edge getting more updates very soon, it’ll be very difficult to ever defeat Chrome if Google’s browser is growing so big.

And speaking of Edge, the new Windows 10 browser is growing too, but it does it rather slowly, mostly because of its limited availability. Edge is exclusive to Windows 10 (and Windows 10 Mobile on smartphones), so it’s very clear that it can’t grow as fast as browsers that are available on all Windows versions.

Edge is currently fourth in the charts with a share of 5.09 percent, while Mozilla Firefox is third with 7.98 percent.

Version-wise, Google Chrome 51 is the leader with 19.70 percent, followed by Internet Explorer 11 with 19.40 percent and Chrome 50 with 9 percent. The battle comes down to the latest versions of Chrome and Internet Explorer, but with Microsoft focusing exclusively on Edge, it’s very clear who is going to win.

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