Just recently, Google has released Android N Developer Preview, thus signaling the launch of its latest Android OS version. The Developer Preview has brought some neat changes and additions to the operating system, but it also features several adjustments that users are not so happy about. One of them regards the toggle for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Android N Developer Preview 4 has come with changes affecting the one step toggle for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The feature makes it extremely easy for users to enable or disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth by simply tapping on their respective icons in the notification bar.

Initially, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth were enabled with one simple toggle in the notification area, but in Android N Developer Preview, Google made changes that resulted in users having to complete two steps in order to enable such connectivity options.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggle will return to a one step process

Users had to tap on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons and then pick one of the available options or enable/disable the service. The change made it easy to switch from one network to another, but not to disable the service.

After users complained to Google, Android N developers have stated that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggle will return to a one step process in the next Android N version, according to Android Authority. The matter gathered more than 1,500 issue tracker stars in just a few days, which is quite a lot even for Google.

The issue will be resolved in the next Android N build, and users who want to avoid it can only revert to Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 for the time being.

Google is expected to unveil Android N in a few months, and the company has yet to reveal the final name of the latest Android OS. However, all rumors point at Nutella since even an Android VP strongly hinted at it on Twitter.

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