Bits and pieces of information have been put together over the past few months, giving us a somewhat clear idea of what to expect from the upcoming Galaxy Note smartphone. However, we still don’t have an official statement from the company to confirm the name of the next Note device.

Today, Steve Hemmerstoffer has taken to his Twitter account and shared a leaked image unveiling the “7” moniker, which also reads “The Next Note.” It’s a clear reference to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note device, but it’s still not an official statement from the company, so information should be taken with a grain of salt.

However, when talking about the upcoming foldable Samsung smartphone, unnamed sources from the company did mention that the South Korean smartphone manufacturer would skip one generation of Note devices and head straight to the 7 moniker.

It thus seems that all rumors point at a new Note smartphone dubbed Galaxy Note 7. It is assumed that Samsung won’t be naming the upcoming device Note 6 because it wishes to align the Note series with the Galaxy S lineup, which was released earlier this year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could come with dual-edge display

Another reason could be the fact that Apple is also expected to launch the iPhone 7, and there’s a slight chance that consumers might associate the number 7 with the latest flagship phones, which would prove a disadvantage for Samsung.

So far, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has leaked in several images, and some of its specs have been revealed. Supposedly, it could come with a dual-edge display variant and have a smaller size compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 5.

The upcoming Galaxy Note 7 could have a Snapdragon 823 or Exynos 8890 processor and 6GB of RAM, but that remains to be confirmed on the launch date, rumored to be August 2.

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