You’d normally expect the CEO of the company that develops Android to be using nothing else than Android phone, but in the case of Eric Schmidt, things are a little bit different.

After being seen using an iPhone several times, the former Google CEO and currently Alphabet chairman admitted in a recent interview that he’s indeed using an Apple device, although he thinks that there’s at least one Android phone that’s better than that.

In most of the cases, company employees use devices running different platforms to always evaluate competition and to know what exactly others are doing, as far as Schmidt is concerned, this doesn’t seem to be the reason.

“I have an Samsung S7 and an iPhone 6s,” he revealed. “The Samsung S7 is better. It has a better battery and it has a better camera. Those of you who are iPhone users [know] I’m right,” Schmidt continued.

“So much for the Android monopoly in Europe,” he said when many of the people in the audience raised hands for using an iPhone.

What is Tim Cook using?

Schmidt has clearly suggested that while he does have an iPhone, he still prefers the Android device, which according to him is better not necessarily because of the operating system, but thanks to the hardware.

Switching to Apple’s side, it would certainly be weird to see CEO Tim Cook using anything else than an iPhone. But sometimes, it would actually be a good idea for Tim Cook to use an Android device…

Back in February, Cook posted on Twitter a photo he made on the sideline of the Super Bowl, trying to capture the excitement following the Broncos’ win with this phone. The only problem was that the pic was super blurry and this made many claim that Tim Cook wasn’t using an iPhone, but a potato to shoot it. Tim Cook removed the photo from his account shortly after that, without actually saying what phone he used to take it.

Tim Cook's super blurry Super Bowl photo

Tim Cook’s super blurry Super Bowl photo

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