Fiverr, the marketplace where people can buy services or products for only $5, has removed a series of ads claiming to provide DDoS-for-hire services.

The marketplace owners received a friendly nod from security firm Incapsula, whose experts took a look at the site after they read Dell’s infamous Underground Hacker Markets report that includes the latest prices hackers use to sell their services on the Dark Web.

Incapsula, who published a similar study last year, was amazed to discover that DDoS services had dropped from a price of $38 per hour, which they recorded in June 2015, to only $5 per hour, as reported by Dell’s SecureWorks division in April 2016.

This round price immediately made Incapsula’s experts think of the Fiverr marketplace. More out of curiosity, the firm’s experts went looking for DDoS services on Fiverr, and they were surprised to find quite a few.

The company notified Fiverr of their problem, and the marketplace immediately weeded out some of these listings.

Initially, Fiverr only removed the ad listings that were advertising for full DDoS services and left those that were providing DDoS “stress tests” for website owners only. Today, at the time of writing, searching for terms like DDoS or stresser yields zero results, so it appears that Fiverr went all the way and banned all DDoS-related offerings.

Fiverr’s move is commendable, but searching the site for other terms like malware yields a lot of ads that sure look like tech support scams, though.

Sketchy Fiverr ads that look like tech support scams

Sketchy Fiverr ads that look like tech support scams

Let’s block ads! (Why?)

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