Today, May 19, 2016, the GNOME Foundation has announced the upcoming dates for the first-ever LAS (Libre Application Summit) GNOME conference for GNU/Linux developers.

2016 proved to be an outstanding year for the GNU/Linux application ecosystem, as we have seen a huge number of software releases that introduced a multitude of new technologies, thus further advancing the GNU/Linux operating system for desktops, workstations, and personal computing.

LAS (Libre Application Summit) GNOME is the first of its kind, and it has been put together by the wonderful people behind the GNOME Project, an important part of the Free Software ecosystem, which delivers the highly acclaimed and widely used GNOME desktop environment.

According to the GNOME Foundation, the LAS GNOME conference’s main design goal is to advance the state of the GNU/Linux application ecosystem by expanding the collaboration between major GNU/Linux operating systems and the Linux kernel, the core component of all distributions.

The LAS GNOME event is targeted at both big and small open source application developers, companies and individuals involved in various FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) communities around the world, so that they can share their knowledge and advance the development of GNU/Linux software projects.

“Together, they will collaborate on actionable goals to further evolve the application market in GNU/Linux, create and design better application development tools, and improve the developer and user experience in general for the GNU/Linux desktop,” reads today’s announcement.

Therefore, if you care about the growth of the GNU/Linux application ecosystem, you are invited to attend the first LAS GNOME conference between September 19-23, 2016, in Portland, Oregon, USA. To register, please visit the official LAS GNOME website at

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