Picture of padlockAs of Friday, March 18, the personal U:Drive (network storage) utilized by faculty has been restricted to read-only access, with the exception of the public_html folder. Your files will still remain available, but you cannot add new files or make changes to files currently saved in general folders under the U:Drive. You should copy and paste files from your U:drive to your OneDrive for Business account. Staff made this migration at the end of 2015. Read on for more information about OneDrive for Business capabilities and access.

What happened to the U:Drive?

The U:Drive (or network storage) was replaced by OneDrive for Business to offer faculty and staff cloud-based storage, which is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. However, departmental storage (a drive mapped as \homedir.elon.edudeptsamplename) has not been affected by this change.

What does OneDrive for Business offer?

With OneDrive for Business, faculty and staff receive one terabyte (1TB) of online cloud-based storage. The beauty of OneDrive for Business is that you can access synced files from anywhere with an internet connection. Furthermore, OneDrive for Business offers easy sharing capabilities, so you can share files with colleagues for a more collaborative working experience. OneDrive for Business may be accessed on Windows machines, Mac machines, Android devices, iDevices, and through online web access.

When using OneDrive for Business through online web access, you have the ability to edit Office files (e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint) in-browser and any changes you make will automatically be saved.

Getting Started

In order to use OneDrive for Business, you should first log into Office 365 online at email.elon.edu. For instructions, read our tutorial on accessing OneDrive for Business through Online Web Access. The tutorial also covers how to share files through OneDrive for Business.

If you use a Windows-based computer, you will also need to install Office 2013.

For Mac users, the OneDrive for Business Mac client is available for download.

What’s the difference between OneDrive for Business and Syncplicity?

During the OneDrive for Business rollout, many users have asked about the differences between OneDrive for Business and Syncplicity. OneDrive for Business is a tool that stores the files you are working on and provides a simpler method for sharing and collaborating on documents with co-workers. Syncplicity is a computer backup and restoration tool, which you can use if you receive a new computer or your current computer breaks down and requires a re-image.


Members of Instructional & Campus Technologies have contacted all departments about this change. If you have questions about future training sessions, please contact your department head.

Additionally, video tutorials are available for using the OneDrive for Business tool.

If you have further questions about using OneDrive for Business, please contact the Technology Service Desk at 278-5200.

Image by Flickr user Jeremy Brooks | CC BY-NC

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Ryan Gay

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