The lightweight and eye-candy Enlightenment desktop environment/window manager received yet another maintenance release for its current stable branch, version 0.20.8.

Enlightenment 0.20.8 arrives one day after the Enlightenment Developer Days 2016 conference for Enlightenment developers and contributors, which took place earlier this week between May 14-16, in Paris, France.

Those who attended the highly anticipated event discussed and planned the upcoming features to be implemented in the next major release of the desktop environment, Enlightenment 0.21.0, which is currently in Beta stages of development.

As its version number suggests, Enlightenment 0.20.8 is the eighth update in the Enlightenment 0.20.x series, bringing a total of 42 changes, including mostly fixes for some of the issues reported by users since the Enlightenment 0.20.7 release.

Probably the most important change in Enlightenment 0.20.8 is the re-enablement of startup apps, which failed to work correctly due to an issue with the cache handler, as it needed to be executed before attempting to start the applications.

Wayland improvements, CSD fixes

Looking at the appended changelog, which you need to check out if you’re curious to know what exactly has been changed in Enlightenment 0.20.8, we can notice that there are also many Wayland improvements, and a few CSD (Client Side Decorations) fixes.

Other noteworthy changes are enhancements to the window placement, implementation of a configure flag for the X Clients under Wayland (XWayland) binary, and better X11 window grouping.

Enlightenment 0.20.8 has been officially released upstream on May 17, 2016, so it should start arriving in the main software repositories of various GNU/Linux operating systems.

Therefore, if you’re using Enlightenment 0.20.7 or a previous version, please upgrade as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can download the Enlightenment 0.20.8 sources right now via our website.

Clicking the download link above will also give you access to the latest Beta release of the upcoming Enlightenment 0.21.0 desktop environment, which should arrive in the coming weeks with major new features.

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