The Samsung Galaxy S7 and the even more premium Galaxy S7 Edge are said to be the best-selling smartphones these days, and here’s one reason why: they come with an excellent mix of hardware and features that can appeal to every new buyer out there.

But although they’re both such great devices, they’re also suffering from more or less minor issues that could make some people think twice before purchasing them (the problem is that, in most of the cases, these issues are spotted only after buying the phones, so that’s why it’s better to read reviews, ask online, and even go try them out in stores before actually paying for them).

One such defect appears to exist on all our Galaxy S7 Edge units here at Softpedia – although we were unable to confirm if this is a widespread issue impacting a bigger number of phones or not: a thin line of dust and dirt piles up around the home button, making the bottom side of the phone look greasy and quite yucky to be honest.

There’s a reason why this is happening. The home button houses the fingerprint sensor, so most users press it every time when wish to unlock the phone. We’re not saying that your hands aren’t clean, but the oil produced by your fingers can turn any dust into a sticky mix that seems to reside on the edges of the home button inside the cutout.

Just look in direct sunlight. Is there any dust?

The best way to check out for such dirt is to closely analyze the home button in direct sunlight from multiple angles and as you can see in the photos attached to this article, but the more you use the home button, the bigger the chances to experience this problem.

Just look in direct sunlight and you shall see it

Just look in direct sunlight and you shall see it

Now, we know what you’re thinking: why don’t you clean the home button if it looks so disgusting?

Believe us, we’ve tried. But the cutout is so tiny that it’s impossible to actually insert even the smallest cleaning tool to clean the dirt.

Until now, we’ve tried pretty much everything from cotton buds and toothpicks to cotton with isopropyl alcohol and blowing the dust out. The only think that’s small enough to fit into that cutout is a piece of paper, but since the dirt is kind of sticky, it’s not good enough to remove it.

The only thing that brought us close to cleaning the dirt was a very fine bristled toothbrush, but nothing was effective enough to clean all the dust. Certainly, removing the home button is the best way to go, but it’s pretty clear that nobody wants and can do that.

We’ve heard from some of our readers that in some cases, dust and dirt can also be spotted around the call speaker, so we’re still trying to figure out how widespread these problems are, but also the best way to clean our phones.

As a closing note, we’ve already contacted Samsung to provide more information why this is happening and ask for guidance for users who might be disappointed by what appears to be pretty common issue, but the company has never answered our request.

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