As part of the launch of the DSSD D5 Rack-Scale Flash appliance in recent weeks I’ve had the opportunity to meet with customers, partners, analysts and reporters in Munich, Vienna, London, New York, and Washington, DC.  I want to share a few highlights of these meetings to help illustrate what impact this new category of storage is having on the market.

“Problems that were previously unsolvable are now solvable.”

~100 microsecond latency
100GB/s of bandwidth

DSSD D5 Front

Scientist from major data processing company describes D5 as “Brilliant”
GenomeA major data processing company in Germany quietly powers much of the travel industry, including 430 airlines and 280,000 hotels.  As one familiar example, when you book a flight and get your six-letter confirmation code, that comes from this company’s product.  The problem might seem straightforward, but the scale is huge and meeting their 3ms SLA is challenging.  At the end of our meeting, the data scientist responsible for their entire IT architecture, described D5 as “brilliant”.

A research institute in Vienna solves some of the most difficult problems in life sciences
The research institute has been testing D5 via one of our EMC DSSD D5 solutions centers for some time.  The first “pipeline” (a series of data-intensive computations to solve a specific class of problem) that they tested ran 2x faster.  Encouraged by this, they tried another pipeline and found it ran 4.8x faster using the DSSD D5 versus their existing storage architecture.  All of this is without any tuning.  They are very pleased with the results they are seeing.

D5 Praise from Top Journalists in London
At the London launch event I met with several journalists including Chris Mellor of The Register. Summarizing D5 performance, he wrote:  “No other supplier has a storage array equivalent in performance to the D5; it stands alone.”

 Watch the DSSD D5 Keynote video of the launch. In “chapter 8” of the video, at approximately 14 minutes you will find the D5 demonstration.

Watch the DSSD D5 Keynote video of the launch. In “chapter 8” of the video, at approximately 14 minutes you will find the D5 demonstration.

Cloudera Announces D5’s Speed at Launch Event
At the New York Stock Exchange launch event, Mike Olson, founder of Cloudera, announced that in their testing, HBase running on D5 was 10 times faster than anything they’ve ever measured before.


Performance Gains Measured in Multiples, Not Percentages
Most new products make incremental progress, offering modest performance gains.  But a colleague of mine once said, “I’m not interested in percentages — I want multiples.”  We’ve learned from our early access program that the D5 is 10-100x faster than any other product when running real customer workloads.  That is an incredible accomplishment, and one we are all very proud of at EMC DSSD.

The real significance of D5 is not so much in the raw numbers, but in what they enable. Reducing the time to sequence a tumor genome from a month to a day can literally save someone’s life.  D5 is going to change not only the storage market, but the world.  And we’re just getting started.  We can’t wait to see what people do with this game-changing new tool.

We have made a great effort to provide a rich set of resources for you to learn more about the DSSD D5.  Please visit to learn more and Follow us on twitter: @EMCDSSD

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