MSI has made available a few new BIOS packages targeted at some of its H110M PRO Series motherboards, which promise to improve PCIe, memory, Intel 750 NVME compatibility, and more.

These updates also enhance PCIe SSD compatibility, optimize Hynix A-die Memory, resolve a specific Ghost problem, as well as upgrade CPU microcode(0x7C), VBIOS and GOP, and RC (1.9.0).

To be clear about the supported devices, note that MSI has provided new BIOS versions for its H110M PRO-VD (2.7), H110M PRO-VH (2.7), H110M PRO-D (2.7), H110M PRO-VHL (2.3), H110M PRO-VDL D3 (2.4), and H110M PRO-VDL (1.1) motherboards.

Therefore, if you consider installing a newer build, carefully read the changelog and the upgrade instructions, get and extract the appropriate archive, and follow all steps highlighted on the description page.

However, if your system works fine and no problems are encountered, applying a newer BIOS version isn’t recommended. The BIOS must be updated only when the version you are about to install fixes a specific problem that bothered you in the past.

That said, from the links below, follow the one that best describes your device model, take into account all the mentioned aspects, and apply the new version to the motherboard.

Download MSI H110M PRO-VD BIOS 2.7

Download MSI H110M PRO-VH BIOS 2.7

Download MSI H110M PRO-D BIOS 2.7

Download MSI H110M PRO-VHL BIOS 2.3

Download MSI H110M PRO-VDL D3 BIOS 2.4

Download MSI H110M PRO-VDL BIOS 1.1

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