GNU/Linux and Android-x86 developer Arne Exton informed us about the availability of a new build of his Debian-based DebEX Live Linux distribution, version 160604.

According to Mr. Exton, DebEX KDE Live DVD 160604 has been rebased on the software repositories of the Debian GNU/Linux 8.4 “Jessie” operating system, which means that it includes most of the security patches and software updates, through the newest Debian Jessie release if now 8.5.

DebEX KDE Live DVD appears to be a pure Debian operating system, built around the KDE Software Compilation 4.14.2 and KDE Plasma 5 desktop environments, but powered by kernel 4.6.1-debex, which is based on the recently released Linux 4.6.1 kernel. The entire list of included package can be studied here.

“I have made a new version of DebEX KDE Live DVD. It replaces version 160102,” said Arne Exton. “It’s a pure Debian 8.4 system, i.e. there are no Ubuntu or Kubuntu elements involved. DebEX KDE uses KDE 4.14.2 and KDE Plasma Desktop 5:84 as Desktop environment and kernel 4.6.1-debex.”

It’s now easier to install DebEX on your personal computer

Among other improvements included in the DebEX KDE Live DVD 160604 release, we can mention better support for Nvidia graphics cards, thanks to the addition of the Nvidia 361.45.11 proprietary video driver, support for watching Netflix movies using the latest build of the Google Chrome web browser, and SMPlayer for all of your multimedia needs.

Moreover, it appears that Arne Exton made various improvements to the installer of the DebEX distribution, making it easier for users to install the Debian-based operating system on their personal computers. Simply run the Live DVD using the “DebEX live (amd64)” option from the boot menu, start the DebEX installer when you arrive at the desktop screen, and follow the instructions.

It is possible to choose GRUB2 as the default bootloader, but if you have a GNU/Linux operating system installed, and you’re dual-booting with DebEX, then there’s no need to install GRUB again. Download the DebEX KDE Live DVD 160604 64-bit ISO image right now via our website, and visit the official homepage for additional information about the distro.

KDE Desktop with Netflix running in version 160604 of DebEX KDE

KDE Desktop with Netflix running in version 160604 of DebEX KDE

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