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Colin O'Dell
Web Development, Web Design


The New York Times wisely blocks staff from viewing its desktop homepage 

What is code?

Notepad++ leave SourceForge

YouTube launches YoutTube Newsire, a channel featuring verified eyewitness news

Design & Frontend

The principles of UX choreography

Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, and others team up to launch WebAssembly, a new binary format for the Web

When responsive images get ugly

PurifyCSS – remove unused CSS rules

77 ways to design the letter “M”


Learning OOP in PHP

Value objects

Headless Drupal with AngularJS and Bootstrap

ECMAScript 2015 has been approved

How Crash Bandicoot was fit into 2mb of RAM

System Administration / Security

The Art of Command Line

Understanding systemd

Using the Redis vulnerability to patch itself

Drupal 7.38 and 6.36 released; fixes security vulnerabilities


Five key phases of software development

Leaked email between Jeb Bush and his designer

The Magento Developer struggle is real

CSS in real life


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