Windows phones are becoming a lot more appealing to developers thanks to the universal app concept, which allows them to create apps for both PCs and mobile devices running Windows 10 and sharing a big part of the code.

References found in a recent Steam update seems to be indicating that an official app for Windows phones might actually be in the works at a time when many people out there claim that the platform is dead.

Leaving this criticism aside, which, by the way, isn’t quite accurate, given the fact that developer support has actually improved lately on Windows phones thanks to Windows 10 adoption, seeing a Steam app land on our devices would really be terrific news for everyone in the Windows 10 Mobile community.

Still no official confirmation

Right now, there are already several alternatives to the official Steam app in the Windows Store, and the Unofficial Steam Authenticator, which allows users to log in and trade on the platform, is pretty much number one.

And yet, there are users who wouldn’t agree to log in with the Steam accounts in their third-party apps, especially if they still have money in their wallets, so it’s easy to understand why an official Steam client would really come in handy to everyone.

Now the biggest question concerns the feature lineup that such a Steam app could bring on Windows phones. Without a doubt, being able to trade from your mobile device would really be a great thing, but having a chat can also come in handy to those who always want to stay in touch with their friends.

Keep in mind, however, that although there’s a reference to Windows phones in the Steam code, this is no confirmation that such an app is in the works, and we’re yet to receive an official statement on this. In the meantime, however, things are developing great for the platform and nope, Windows phones are not dead.

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