Dynamic Phone Tracking Effectively Correlates Inbound Calls to Website Behavior and Marketing Source.

Challenge: Our client wanted to better understand the impact the website
was having with respect to inbound calls to its Call Center. The majority
of the conversions actually occurred at the Call Center versus online. A
better understanding of the source and geographic location of call center
conversions stemming from their website would help to maximize the ROI
from their web initiatives. How can this be achieved?


Business Solution: Effective phone tracking needed to be installed to
identify both the location that the user was calling from and the source that
led the user to the website. This required displaying a unique phone
number to cover each of the many combinations of location and source.
With four different office locations (East, West, Midwest, and North)
combined with five different potential user sources (organic, PPC
campaign 1, PPC Campaign 2, PPC Campaign 3, and all other traffic), a total
of twenty unique scenarios needed to be setup and managed.

Each scenario utilizes a unique number obtained from the phone tracking
company. When each of these numbers is called, the company logs a
phone call to that number and reroutes that call to the client’s primary
phone number. Using JavaScript code, these numbers are dynamically
inserted into the web page in a specific area such that each user sees a
number that represents the region and source. For example, when a user
arrives at the site via an organic search and calls the North office,
information associated with that specific combination is updated in
Google Analytics accordingly. Hence, phone traffic can be easily analyzed
alongside web traffic thanks to the integration of phone tracking with
Google Analytics.

Unfortunately, the out-of-the-box code offered by the phone tracking
company could only account for locations or for source, but not both.
Beacon worked with the vendor’s developers to create customizable
JavaScript code that could handle multiple variables and display dynamic
numbers to bridge this gap.


Results:  Custom code was implemented and successfully accounted for
twenty different call combinations of user source and locations. Over a
six month span, over 2000 phone calls were logged and attributed as
customer contact goal conversions for the client. In the short term, this
data was used to optimize the company’s PPC budget between the lesser
performing campaigns and the more successful ones. Over a longer span,
the client used this data to help determine the need for physical office
locations in each region.

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