Canon has made available firmware for its XF300 and XF305 professional camcorders, which enables a dynamic range of 600% via Wide DR, as well as the recording of footage with a suppressed noise level.

In addition to that, this new update also implements Highlight Priority (Hlt.Pri.) feature that allows capturing footage in a natural gradation by reducing overexposure in bright areas without compressing highlights.

When it comes to installation, first of all, check the device’s current firmware version and make sure it isn’t either newer or matching this release. If all is ok, save and unzip the downloadable archive, and initialize an SD card using the camcorder.

Now, copy the newly extracted .FIM file onto the formatted memory card, make sure the XF device has a fully charged battery, insert the card into the camcorder while it’s powered off, and turn the unit on.

Afterwards, go to Menu > Other Functions > Firmware, wait for the new software to be recognized, select “Ok” when the “Update the Firmware?” message appears, and allow the device to perform the upgrade (should take about 4 minutes to complete).

Upon completion, turn off the camcorder, remove the memory card, and power the device back on in order to check the currently installed firmware version and to ensure that the upgrade has been successful.

That said, download Canon XF300 Firmware or download Canon XF305 Firmware and apply the new firmware, and enjoy these changes, Also, check back with us as often as possible to stay up to speed with the latest releases.

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