Welcome to another edition of Breakfast with ECS, a series where we take a look at issues related to cloud storage and ECS (Elastic Cloud Storage), EMC’s cloud-scale object storage platform.

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Breakfast wtih ECSGlad to have you back on this ECS feature series journey.

In the previous blog of this series, we discussed ECS’ enterprise-class features. In this blog, we’ll discuss why ECS has superior economics.

Entering the public cloud is simple. But as the data you store in the public cloud reaches a certain scale, it becomes simply expensive. You have to pay for every single time you touch your data – you must pay someone else a small fee to store your data, and another fee each time to index it, like it, share it, download it or even to just plain look at it.

With ECS, you’ll forget about the struggles of the unpredictable storage costs and data sovereignty concerns. It is that dream storage that you are looking for – a storage solution that you can have complete control over and a storage solution that you can own affordably.

Check out the video below and see how ECS’ story gets better as you scale.

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While this video concludes the ECS feature series, it’s not the end of the ECS journey. Keep an eye on this space for more yummy breakfast to come!

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