Welcome to another edition of Breakfast with ECS, a series where we take a look at issues related to cloud storage and ECS (Elastic Cloud Storage), EMC’s cloud-scale object storage platform.

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Welcome back to ECS feature series!

Breakfast wtih ECS - Metadata searchIn the previous blog of this series, we discussed ECS’ multi-purpose capabilities. In this blog, we’ll discuss what features make ECS “smart”.

As people are getting more and more active on sharing their stories to the world through social platforms and connected devices, the comments, tags and links to their own creations are increasingly stored as “metadata”. More and more businesses are relying on such metadata to draw insights that move their businesses forward. ECS’ “smart” features such as metadata search enables organizations to instantly access the right information anytime from anywhere without having to keep a special database, freeing IT departments to focus on innovation rather than fixing requests.

Tune in to see how these smart capabilities work:

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There are more blogs to come talking about why ECS is enterprise-ready. Stay tuned!

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