Samsung Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 6S are two of the most advanced and stylish flagships available on the market right now. PhoneBuff has posted a video in which it conducted a drop test on the Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 6S.

PhoneBuff used a special machine to progressively drop each phone on its back, bottom, side and then on its screen to see which device withstands the most damage. If the handset survives all four drops and it can still make an emergency phone call, then it is dropped over and over again until it becomes unusable. The professional machine allows for consistent drops and a proper comparison between the two smartphones.

During the first test, the smartphones were dropped on their backs. The iPhone 6S got a tiny scuff mark at the bottom with a few more on the rest of the back. However, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 got a lot more damage, since its glass back got completely shattered. Both phones handled the bottom drop with few problems, with the silver bands on each smartphone showing little damage, aside from a few barely noticeable marks.

Display on Galaxy S7 died after the fourth drop

After being dropped on their sides, both the iPhone 6S and the Galaxy S7 have marks but nothing problematic. The marks on the Galaxy S7 are significantly more noticeable due to the darker shade of gray.

The front drop was definitely decisive in the case of Galaxy S7, since the phone’s screen was completely shattered, and the internal display actually stopped working. Following the drop, the phone became unusable.

The iPhone 6S suffered some cracks on the glass, but overall, the phone was still usable afterwards. In fact, only after the fifth drop did the internal display on the iPhone 6S give in and rendered the phone completely unusable.

Following the relative strength test, the iPhone 6S edged out the Galaxy S7 and ranked the second most durable phone tested on the channel while the Samsung Galaxy S7 ranked 6th out of 7. HTC 10 scored the most points in previous drop tests.

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