AT&T has finally started pushing the upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile to devices in its network after such a long and painful wait, and while it’s clearly a good thing that this is finally happening, it’s also interesting to find out why it hasn’t actually happened earlier.

In a post on the company’s support forums, an AT&T employee provides us with details that can be only frustrating for customers who are using a Windows phone and who waited for the upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile for so long.

It appears that AT&T focused more on upgrading Android devices to Marshmallow rather than pushing the Windows 10 Mobile to Windows phones in its network.

“Being honest, the update focus has primarily been on Android Marshmallow. There’s been a bit of chatter around the Windows 10 update, though I haven’t seen a lot of movement in that area,” the AT&T employee says.

Windows Phone users are paying customers too

Certainly, this does make sense from AT&T’s point of view given the fact that Android devices have a bigger user base, but on the other hand, leaving other customers behind isn’t quite a fair decision given the fact that they’re all paying for the same services.

The AT&T employee, however, goes on to explain that Windows phones are still great devices, but he admits he’s currently part of the Apple ecosystem. Obviously, this doesn’t change anything because he’s not the one making decisions at AT&T, but it still shows that company employees do like Windows phones.

“I’m not sure why there’s not a huge outpouring of love for the 640, it’s really a great phone. If I wasn’t tied into Apple’s ecosystem, I would strongly consider making the switch for at least one of my lines,” he continued.

According to the latest figures provided by AdDuplex, Lumia 640, the AT&T device that’s currently being upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile, is the number one Windows phone in the United States, with a share of 27.8 percent. Lumia 635 is second with 25.4 percent, followed by Lumia 521 with 4.5 percent and Lumia 630 with 3.0 percent.

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