Today, Atomos has rolled out a new firmware package targeted at its Ninja Flame and Shogun Flame recorders, namely version 7.10, which fixes issues with waveform monitor graticules not being visible in some menus, as well as with playback of some NLE exported files.

In addition to that, the present firmware adds HDR support for log videos from JVC and Red cameras, enhances accuracy for color gamut and resolution in black (when using AtomHDR mode), as well as implements a visual improvement to the AtomHDR slider for easier access.

If applied, the two compatible devices will benefit from new options for AtomHDR that include WFM Auto and WFM HDR, a simplified HDR waveform line, and the ability to configure PQ input for AtomHDR monitoring and gradingvia ST2084 output.

Moreover, FiiO has also managed to add PQ output for playout to HDR monitors and slow motion in playback mode, as well as allow owners to manually override the battery selection directly from the Battery page.

When it comes to installation, get and extract the downloadable archive, copy the .FW file onto a formatted memory card, insert it into the recorder, and power on the unit. At this point, the device will automatically initiate the update process.

That being said, download Atomos Ninja Flame Recorder Firmware 7.10 or download Atomos Shogun Flame Recorder Firmware 7.10, carefully apply it on your device, and enjoy your newly updated recorder.

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