AsusWrt-Merlin has made available its new 380.60 beta 1 firmware version compatible with some of ASUS’ ARM routers. It’s worth mentioning it merges with GPL 3479 that adds the new file format required for certification purposes.

In addition to that, this release updates OpenVPN to 2.3.11, allows specifying IPv6 prefixes up to 126, and adds an option to enable overhead calculation on Traditional QoS for DSL users (ARM-only), as well as one to disable new forced redirection to

Moreover, the developer has managed to fix OpenVPN server instances not reporting errors properly, add Language selector for JP region, and remove the bug that prevented client names with single quotes from being edited in networkmap.

Besides these changes, the 380.60 beta 1 update will also resolve certain issues regarding wget, odhcp6c, Roaming Assistant, as well as a few other problems highlighted in the Release Notes below.

In terms of compatibility, the 380.60 beta 1 firmware is suitable for ASUS’ RT-AC3100, RT-AC3200, and RT-AC5300 routers, as well as for its RT-AC56 (S, R, U), RT-AC68 (P, R, U, W), RT-AC87 (U, R), and RT-AC88U models.

As for installation, this version can be applied like any other official firmware provided by ASUS; just log into your router’s administration page, and initiate the process from the Firmware Upgrade section.

That said, download AsusWrt-Merlin Router Firmware 380.60 Beta 1 for your particular model, carefully apply it to your device, and enjoy the new changes. Also, regularly check our website to know when a newer version is available.

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