The creator of the Arc GTK Theme that most of the GNU/Linux distributions are adopting these days as the default desktop theme, the famous Horst3180, released an icon set to accompany its very popular GTK theme.

The icon theme is called Arc Icon Theme, or simply Arc, just like the GTK theme, and it was pushed a few hours ago to the developer’s GitHub account for user to get an early taste. Why early taste? Well, because the icon set is far from being complete and many icons are still missing, and it doesn’t provide application icons at this time.

However, the good news is that the Arc Icon Theme currently relies on the famous Moka icons, which means that if you have it installed on your Linux box, you won’t have any problems with missing icons for your favorite apps. But if you don’t have the Moka icon set installed, Arc will try to use the default GNOME icon theme.

Here’s how to install the Arc Icon Theme on your Linux distro

Before anything else, please take a look at the screenshot we made for you to see the Arc Icon Theme in action. Then, if you are using the Arc GTK Theme and the Moka icons, and you want to have a different look for the folders, devices, mime types, etc., you can install the Arc icons right now be following the next instructions.

Visit the GitHub page of the Arc Icon Theme, download the latest release by clicking the “Clone or download” button, save the archive on your Home folder or desktop, extract it, open a terminal window in the respective location, and use the command below to move the Arc folder to the /usr/share/icons directory.

sudo mv Arc/ /usr/share/icons

That’s it! Now, depending on the Linux kernel-based operating system used, as well as the default desktop environment, you’ll need a tool to activate the icons (e.g. Unity Tweak Tool for Ubuntu and Debian, GNOME Tweak Tool for GNOME-based OSes, etc.). Again, please note that the Arc Icon Theme is work in progress.

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