Apple is getting ready for the WWDC conference, where it’s expected to ship a preview of iOS 10 to developers, but in the meantime, adoption of the latest version of the operating system keeps improving at a steady pace.

The latest data provided by the Cupertino-based company shows that, at the moment, iOS 9 is running on no less than 84 percent of devices supporting it while iOS 8 has declined to 11 percent. Earlier versions of iOS are only running on 5 percent of iPhones and iPads.

Without a doubt, this shows how fast adoption of new software goes in the Apple ecosystem, which is only encouraging, given the fact that the company is now paving the way for an even bigger update. iOS 10 is expected to land with significant improvements, although only little has been revealed until now.

iOS versus Android version fragmentation

At the same time, the adoption rate of the latest iOS version also shows that Apple’s devices are being upgraded to new releases faster than it happens on Android – figures have shown that approximately 7.5 percent of Android devices are currently on Marshmallow.

But before anything, it’s worth keeping in mind that the Android ecosystem is made of many more phone manufacturers and devices with different specs, so while Apple has only a few models to optimize for each release, Android handset makers have a lot more work to do in this regard.

It’s not surprising that so many phones are still running Android Lollipop because, for a large company such as Samsung, for instance, there’s plenty of optimization to complete before rolling out new updates. Lollipop is currently on 35.6 percent of Android devices, according to Google data.

And although iOS 10 is just around the corner, Apple continues work on updates for iOS 9, with a new beta currently being tested by devs before a public release probably later this month.

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