A Texas-based company is suing Apple for violating a number of patents that, according to its claims, cover technologies currently being used on iPhones and iPads.

Corydoras Technologies has explained in court papers that Apple is infringing on patents it purchased from Japan and which protect a number of features that are already in use, including the capability of making phone calls or sending emails.

As weird as it might sound, Corydoras claims it’s the owner of the most generic patents ever (which pretty much means that it can sue any other phone manufacturer out there, but it decided to go after Apple because it’s among the richest), so it’s now seeking damages from the Cupertino-based firm for using them without authorization.

Six patents said to be infringed

A total of six patents have been infringed, the Texas firm claims, including those covering voice communication, features to show geographic location on the display, voice commands, and call blocking.

An excerpt from the complaint reads the following:

“Apple’s Accused iPhones are capable of making phone calls, FaceTime calls, and/or FaceTime Audio calls using voice commands. By way of example, Apple’s ‘Voice Control’ or ‘Siri’ feature provides the capability to make a phone call, FaceTime call and/or FaceTime Audio call in response to a voice command.”

According to PatentlyApple, Corydoras names the iPhone 4 and newer and the iPad 2 and newer as devices that infringe on its patents.

Apple hasn’t yet issued a statement on this complaint, but as usual, the company isn’t commenting on accusations brought forward by patent trolls, so it’s most likely seeking to fight them in court.

The same company also went after Samsung earlier this year, and given the fact that its patents are so generic, don’t expect them to stop here. More companies could follow soon, but it pretty much depends on the judge ruling in the first two cases as well.

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