Apple’s planning huge changes for a future iPhone model, but contrary to what you expect, it won’t be the model launching in 2017 the one likely to bring them.

Instead, it appears that the 2017 generation has bigger chances to introduce a major overhaul, as it requires more time for development and Apple is also celebrating 10 years since the launch of the first iPhone.

Recent reports have pointed towards an iPhone with a full-glass and metal frame design and according to an Apple partner, this is indeed the plan for the 2017 generation. Catcher Chairman and Chief Executive Allen Horng explained in a recent shareholder meeting that the Cupertino-based company plans to build a completely new iPhone next year that would use an all-glass casing with metal frames.

Previous reports indicated that Apple wants the 2017 iPhone to feature a no-bezel display that would include all the front-facing parts, including the Touch ID sensor, the FaceTime camera and microphones. This theory seems to be backed by Catcher’s CEO, who told his board that building the metal frames for this model would be more expensive because of the changes.

Catcher is currently in charge of manufacturing metal frames for Apple’s iPhones, but at the same time it also builds smartphone bodies for a wide variety of phone companies.

Only one iPhone coming with this design

The all-screen design approach will definitely be a huge change for Apple when the 2017 iPhone debuts, but it appears that the company is only planning to introduce this change on the Plus model exclusively.

The Catcher executive revealed that just one model will come with the new no-bezel design, and this is most likely the Plus model (or the Pro, should it be indeed launched given the fact that recent rumors have also pointed towards a third model coming with exclusive features, such as a Smart Connector).

The 4.7-inch iPhone coming out next year is also expected to feature some design upgrades, but Apple could continue to offer an LCD screen on this particular model, thus trying to better differentiate products in its lineup.

The Plus can thus become the top-of-the-line iPhone, coming with a full-glass design, an OLED display, dual camera, and other exclusive features that won’t be offered on the more affordable siblings.

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