If you ask Donald Trump, Apple is one of the worst American companies, and it doesn’t even deserve to do business in the country simply because it builds its products in China.

The Republican candidate is one of the most vocal Apple haters currently out there, so not only did he publicly blasted the company for not making the iPhone in the United States but he also called for Americans to boycott its products when Cupertino refused to hack the San Bernardino iPhone for the FBI.

So at the first look, there’s no doubt that Donald Trump is one big Apple hater. But when you start digging and connect the dots, it looks like Trump actually has a thing for Apple.

In his personal financial report that he submitted last week, Donald Trump revealed that he actually owns… err… Apple stock, which is currently valued between $1.1 million and $2.25 million. Sure, that’s not much, but it’s an important thing to have in mind when seeing Trump badmouthing Apple.

Also a Google investor

What’s more, he also owns stock in Alphabet, the company that owns Google, and Amazon.com, but it appears that Apple shares are currently the most valued of them all.

Apple has never responded to Trump’s accusations in a direct way, and this is probably the best way to deal with someone who calls for a boycott of your products just because you do not agree with their beliefs.

But in the end, there’s no doubt that Donald Trump isn’t actually the big Apple hater that he wants America to think he is. In fact, both Donald Trump and his fans are actually using iPhones all day long, and the Republican candidate couldn’t stay away from Apple’s phone even when he called for everyone to boycott it.

So there you go, Donald Trump is an Apple investor, and although those $1 or $2 million shares do not mean much, given the company’s value, it’s still a good thing to have in mind when he criticizes the company for whatever reason he finds.

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