Only yesterday we told you that Microsoft has found new ways to improve stylus adoption in Windows 10, while at the same time working to make the Surface Pen more advanced, and here’s Apple planning to do the same with its own Pencil.

A new patent reveals that Apple is working on new upgrades for the Pencil, which it hopes would become much more widely adopted in the coming years, including some features which, unfortunately for iFans, are already available on Microsoft’s very own Surface Pen.

First and foremost, what Apple plans to do with the Pencil sometime in the coming years is something that Microsoft’s already doing with the Surface Pen since 2015.

Swappable tips? You’ll find some in the Microsoft Store

The Cupertino-based firm wants to launch swappable tips for the Pencil that can be replaced by any iPad (or any other device that’ll support it) owner. The difference, when compared to the Surface, is that Apple is aiming for more advanced technology that could be implemented into the tip, although exactly what that means is yet to be revealed.

Then, it appears that Apple wants to integrate 3D Touch right into the pen, so fingerprint scanner will be available built-in. This means that whenever you want to use the Pencil, it can automatically scan your fingerprint, so should anyone else attempt to use it, they’ll be blocked. Truth be told, this would be a nice touch if you’re obsessed with security, but using a Pencil isn’t like using your credit card.

In the end, although Apple still seems to be hungry for innovating, Microsoft appears to be one step ahead, at least when it comes to the traditional but now modern pen.

The Redmond-based software giant has been investing millions of dollars into the Surface Pen and its efforts are now paying off, as it appears that this has become a must-have accessory with any Surface tablet out there. And it goes without saying that this is exactly what Apple aims to achieve for the iPad.

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