Apple has just announced the next version of iOS today at WWDC 2016, providing us with a quick glimpse into what’s to come for iPhone and iPad users.

“We’re hitting a big milestone,” Apple said, and “iOS 10 is the biggest iOS release ever for our users,” as it comes with 10 big features.

iOS 10 comes with a redesigned lock screen with rich notifications and makes full use of 3D Touch technology that’s available in iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and most likely be offered on the iPhone 7.

iOS 10 allows the iPhone to wake up when you lift the device from the desk, so you no longer have to press the home button. There are rich notifications, allowing you to interact with apps sending them, so you can reply an iMessage straight from the lock screen. 3D Touch can now be used to clear all notifications at once, so it’s all very easy. The Control Center has been redesigned as well and simple swipe provides what Apple calls “a special area” for music.

On the lock screen, if you slide over from the right you launch the camera, and if you slide left you rich widgets that let you see the weather, news, appointments and many others.

3D Touch has also been updated, so if you enable it on apps that have notifications you can get a quick look at information regarding unread notifications. For instant, 3D Touching the Mail app lets you find out who sent you emails that are yet to be read.

Major Siri updates

Siri has also been improved and Apple says that the digital assistant received 2 billion requests every week. Siri is opening up to developers, the company announced, so users will be able to ask Siri to send chat messages in various apps thanks to third-party integration.

Additionally, iOS 10 comes with intelligent suggestions based on Siri, so the digital assistant can provide the current location in an ongoing conversation, offer contact information, check calendar availability, look for recent addresses and more.

Apple will bring back memories

Photos will get a major update in the next iOS version too, including the so-called “Advanced computer vision.” This includes face recognition system to group all photos by person, so you get albums generated all automatically “with your privacy protected.” Object and scene recognition will also be offered and it works in a similar way. Memories is also a new feature that analyzes your photos with artificial intelligence to generate albums using a number of photo info, such as topics, date, location, and more.

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