Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile aren’t doing very well these days and recent statistics have shown that the two platforms dropped to a market share of just 0.7 percent, so it shouldn’t be such a big surprise that more devs are considering pulling their apps from the store.

This trend has actually started a few months ago when several developers decided to abandon Windows Phone completely, and today another one is ready to join the bandwagon.

Cyber Dust, an application that landed in the store on Windows Phone a few months ago, suggests that it might be giving up on this project. No other details have been provided, but at the moment, there’s still no information as to why the company is willing to do that or if they are planning to release a Windows 10 Mobile app.

Windows Phone version still working for some

The existing Windows Phone version continues to be available in the store and still working on some devices, but as far as Windows 10 Mobile is concerned, more users are complaining that it’s impossible to get it working on a wide array of phones.

“Hello, Thank you for reaching out, as of this week Cyber Dust may not be compatible with your Windows device any longer. Your account will remain intact if you wish to use Cyber Dust on another compatible device or operating system. Please let us know if you have any questions. Regards, The Cyber Dust Team,” a message sent by the Cyber Dust developers reads.

According to Gartner, Windows Phone dropped to 0.7 percent market share and with Microsoft not planning to release any new devices this year, these numbers could drop even more in the coming months.

However, Redmond says that it’s fully committed to supporting the platform and the ecosystem, which includes devices manufactured by partners, with people close to the matter suggesting that the company wants to buy more time until spring 2017 when it’ll introduce the long-awaited Surface Phone.

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