A hacker(s) claiming to be part of Anonymous posted online a link pointing to a 2GB archive containing personal records stolen from Turkish hospitals.

The hacker posted the data on three different file-sharing sites, along with a YouTube video. At the time of writing, only one link was working, with the other two and the YouTube video being taken down following user reports.

Files from 33 hospitals included in the data dump

The massive data dump contains details from 33 hospitals, but according to Turkish newspaper Hurriyet, the Turkish Ministry of Health admitted to having only some issues with cyber-attacks on hospitals in Diyarbakir, a city in southeast Turkey.

This statement contradicts the one posted by Anonymous, which claimed, “We’ve destroyed their servers in Northwest Turkey.”

The group also said that the data dump is a direct response to the ransomware attacks that crippled the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, and Methodist Hospital in Henderson, Kentucky. For both, rumors circulated that Turkish hackers may be behind the infections, but the information never passed the rumor stage.

“We find these actions unacceptable and condemn the desire of the Turks to make money on patients who need medical care,” the hackers wrote online. “And now Turkish people will be punished for the greed of several individuals.”

Data includes SQL dumps, Excel files

From the files we were able to view, personal records for both doctors and patients were included, along with server configurations, and what looked to be accounts for administrative applications.

This is not the first time Turkey is the target of large breaches and cyber-attacks in the past few months. Earlier this year, in April, an unknown hacker leaked the personal records for 50 million Turkish voters. In February, the hacker ROR[RG] also leaked data he stole from Turkish police servers.

In December 2015, Anonymous also launched a barrage of DDoS attacks against Turkey’s NIC.tr registrar, effectively shutting down all .tr websites. All of these attacks started, coincidentally or not, right after Turkey shut down a Russian airplane that had entered its airspace.

Below is a screenshot of one of the files included in the data dump. The hacker claims to have leaked the personal details of ten million users. Softpedia was not able to verify the exact number of leaked personal records.

Sample file from the Anonymous data dump

Sample file from the Anonymous data dump

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