After much anticipation and a very long wait, Google has finally revealed the name of the next Android version. Android Nougat is the official name of the next Android version, set to release in the following months.

Android Nougat wasn’t out first guess when it came to the name of the upcoming Android version, but it was out second or maybe third guess. A clue regarding the Nougat name was inserted in the image that Google released a few weeks ago.

At the start of this month, Google announced that the Android N name will be unveiled in a few weeks. The image that Google posted on the Android Twitter account had several suggestions regarding the name. Nougat was there in the top right corner of the picture, together with Nectar (which was a good suggestion), Nachos and Nutmeg.

Android Nougat will be released later this year

Today, we find out that Google has went with Nougat. This is a bit surprising considering that recently, Android VP Hiroshi Lockheimer posted tweets that hinted towards Nutella as being the name of Android N.

The series of tweets showed strong hints towards the Nutella name, but something seems to have changed Google’s mind and the company decided to go with Nougat. A while back, Google partnered with Nestle in order to name Android 4.4, KitKat. Such a move wouldn’t have been surprising in the case of Nutella.

During Google I/O, the company announced that users from all over the world could access a certain Google platform and submit their guesses for the Android N. Perhaps, the number of suggestions for Nougat surpassed those for Nutella.

Either way, it will be interesting to see if Android Nougat will actually hold the Android 7.0 moniker or if it will be a smaller step to 6.5. Most likely, it will come as a brand new version that will carry the full name Android 7.0 Nougat.

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