Amazon is one of the big devs that have decided to jump ship and abandon Windows Phone, so the company pulled its app from the platform all of a sudden, encouraging users to access its website should they want to continue shopping using the service.

More recent information, however, revealed that Amazon was instead planning to release a Windows 10 Mobile app, which kind of makes sense, given the fact that, this way, the company can actually go universal and code for both PCs and smartphones.

And yet, it turns out that this isn’t true, with German website WindowsUnited now reporting that the local Amazon is denying plans for a new Windows 10 Mobile app.

Amazon on Windows 10 Mobile? Not going to happen

In a statement provided to the source, a spokesperson for Amazon Germany explains that reports pointing to a new Windows 10 Mobile version of Amazon were inaccurate, and in fact, websites that actually covered the subject were contacted to correct this information.

“I regret to inform you that after a thorough examination, the statement on the listed source is a misinformation. It has already asked for correction. The development or release of a new app for Windows 10 Mobile or Windows Phone, we cannot confirm,” the spokesperson is quoted as saying.

The original statement coming from Amazon, however, cited demand from customers to release a Windows 10 app, so the two comments are kind of contradictory when reading them both.

“As many customers are asking for an improved Amazon App for Windows Phone, we have to launch [a] new app. Please rest assured our team is working on the new app. It may take some time but we will definitely get the new app soon. We’ll soon be retiring the App you currently have on your Windows Phone, meaning its contents will no longer be updated. You’ll still have access to the App until 15 August 2016. I’m sorry for any disappointment this may cause,” the original statement reads.

Certainly, whatever Amazon is planning needs to be shared with customers because they’re the first ones impacted by the removal of the Windows Phone app. For the moment, however, the uncertainty about the future of Amazon on Windows Phone continues, so hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long to find out what’s next for the platform.

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