PayPal has recently announced its decision to pull the Windows Phone app, and it appears that Amazon is getting ready to do the same thing, although this time, the company seems to go for a more gentle approach.

As we’ve already reported to you earlier this month, the official Amazon app for Windows Phone no longer showed up in search results in the store, so the only way to download it was with a direct link. Obviously, that made it quite difficult to install since, on phones, the majority of users turn to the store for such things, so everyone believed that Amazon was planning to pull the app completely.

At that time, there were two scenarios that everyone talked about: Amazon was either trying to abandon Windows Phone completely, and thus wanted to remove the app, or the company prepared for the release of a universal app for Windows 10, and that’s why it wanted the existing client to no longer be available for download.

The app can no longer be installed

Unfortunately, with all the secrecy regarding the decision to pull the app from search results, it appears that Amazon actually wants to leave Windows phones completely, and a new change taking place these days seem to come as living proof.

The Amazon app can no longer be installed on Windows Phone devices, not even with a direct link, although there are some reports in different parts of the world that everything is still working correctly. For the majority of users, however, the Amazon app is completely gone. Those who have the Amazon app installed on their devices can continue running it just like before, but the future remains uncertain.

For the moment, Amazon doesn’t want to say anything about its plans regarding Windows phones, but the company did say that it pulled the app from the store results on purpose and recommended everyone to use the browser to access its service.

We’re still waiting for official confirmation or at least a hint about what’s happening with the Amazon app on Windows Phone and will update the article accordingly when it’s offered.

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