A new project will help developers write code easier if they build projects in TypeScript, a JavaScript superset language.

Labeled as “a next generation IDE just for TypeScript,” ALM is truly something that can fit like a glove for JavaScript developers that like to code their projects in the simpler TypeScript syntax first, and then compile it to the standard browser-default JavaScript language after.

ALM installation is simple and straightforward

To run ALM developers will need two things, a running installation of Node.js 5 and higher, and a Google Chrome browser. There’s no support for Firefox, Vivaldi, or Edge, so don’t even bother.

ALM’s installation is straightforward. Just run “npm install alm -g” in your terminal. After that, you’ll have a new CLI command at your disposal called “alm”.

To open files in the ALM IDE, just navigate to a folder where you hosted your project, and run “alm .” or “alm -o .“. The first operation prints out a URL where you can access your project’s index file in the browser and start editing. The second automatically opens the URL in your default browser, which should be Chrome for ALM to work properly.

Lots of cool features included

Basarat Ali Syed, the man behind ALM, has packed the IDE with features such as a custom syntax highlighting scheme, specifically designed for the TypeScript lang, support for tabs, multiple panels, a go-to function, a find-and-replace function, live file linting and live project linting.

Further, the ALM IDE also comes with a built-in AST viewer, a dependency viewer, a command search function, cursor history, multi-monitor support, an error panel, support for errors on hover, Git integration, automatic TypeScript builds and compilation, and live TypeScript ouput JavaScript preview.

To get you started, Syed put together a documentation site that comes with nicely animated GIFs like the one below. You can get the project off GitHub, and don’t forget to star it to show your love.

ALM IDE's multi-panel feature

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