Some rumors say that Google might be working on two Nexus smartwatches that could potentially come with Google Assistant integration. This is not the first time that rumors have pointed in this direction, as speculation started about the time when Google released Android Wear.

Rumors say that Google is working on creating two Nexus smartwatches and renders of the two devices have leaked online. The image surfaced at Kitguru, but there’s no confirmation that these are indeed the two Nexus smartwatches that were rumored a while back.

The two smartwatches reportedly bare the code names Angelfish and Swordfish, which would make sense since code names for Nexus devices tend to be fish names. The dimensions of the two smartwatches were revealed recently.

The two Nexus smartwatches might run Android Wear 2.0

Nexus Angelfish smartwatch is said to be 0.55 in (14mm) thick and measure 1.71 inches (43.5mm) in diameter. Angelfish will be the high-end model, as it will have a larger display and a heart rate monitor. Rumors say that it will also come with LTE and GPS integrated. The smartwatch could have the potential of being used as a standalone device and have apps integrated in Android Wear 2.0. In May, Google announced standalone Wear apps at Google I/O with Wear 2.0.

Next in line is Swordfish, which will measure1.65in (42mm) in diameter and 0.41in (10.6mm) in thickness. It will also come with basic notification and communication features. The smartwatch appears to have a single button centered on the right-side of the body and the center of the button seems to be made out of polished metal.

Rumors point to the fact that the Nexus Swordfish smartwatch could be made available in silver, titanium and rose gold colors. The smartwatch will be compatible with Google MODE bands, but Angelfish won’t have this flexibility.

Nexus Angelfish and Swordfish could be released this fall and the two smartwatches are expected to come with Android Wear 2.0.

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