Adobe released today Spark, a three-part Web-based and iOS app for creating beginner-level graphics with the help of an easy to use interface that even a hipster would have the patience to use.

Adobe’s new brainchild is a combination of three former iOS apps, ported to the Web, and unified under one single brand: Adobe Spark.

Adobe Spark Post, previously just Adobe Post, is an app for creating images specifically for your social feeds. Users take a photo, select a font, type some text, and overlay it over the image. That’s it. Your new meme or flyer is ready to be shared on social media or sent to a printer.

Adobe Spark Page was previously known as Adobe Slate, and is a simple storyboard app for combining text and graphics, usually used for SPA Web page mockups.

Adobe Spark Video, formerly known as Adobe Voice, is nothing more than a slideshow creator with support for audio. Users can add photos, add animation effects, and their voice or a song on the slideshow’s background.

Adobe Spark is NOT Photoshop, it’s meant for ordinary people

As you can see, Spark is not meant for high-end graphics processing and is surely not meant for people accustomed to Photoshop or Illustrator’s features.

Both the Web and iOS versions of these apps are free, and Adobe will host your “masterpieces” on its servers if you don’t want to download them or have your own place to upload online.

As Adobe explained today, the apps are aimed at people with low financial resources who can’t afford the services of a trained design professional. Despite Adobe’s best intentions, the apps will likely be used for cat memes.

The company didn’t share any plans about bringing the Web and iOS apps to Android devices.

Adobe Spark's Web dashboard

Adobe Spark’s Web dashboard

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