DSSD D5 leapfrogs the competition 

We’ve already seen how DSSD D5 leapfrogs the competition by delivering extreme performance and the lowest possible latency in a single solution.  But that’s just part of the story. DSSD D5 also represents a quantum leap in reliability and resilience.

Jeff BonwickRealizing the full potential of Flash memory

The DSSD D5 Hardware and Software were co-designed from the beginning to extract the maximum performance and usable life possible from Flash memory.

Jeff explains in his video how the DSSD D5 architecture works to: limit memory wear, deal with flash performance degradation over time, ensure data retention and constantly protect data at the data fragment level.
To accomplish all of this the DSSD D5 offers a system of integrated enterprise level data protection features such as:

  • Flash Physics Control: A flash management algorithm that adjusts the way we interact with flash cells in real-time based on a database of flash usage
  • Space-Time Garbage Collection: Reduces write amplification, optimizes data cleanup, wear leveling and ensures data retention with a real-time smart algorithm
  • EMC DSSD Cubic RAID. This breakthrough technology required years of work by some of the greatest minds in the industry. Jeff Bonwick, co-founder and CTO of EMC DSSD, explains it brilliantly in a just few minutes. Because that’s the way Jeff rolls. Hint: Think Sudoku.

As you’ll see, DSSD Cubic RAID blows past both traditional and multi-dimensional RAID 6 technology with two amazing innovations:

  • Parity of the Parity – or Intersection Parity that enables the DSSD D5 software to handle much more complex failure scenarios within the 18,000+ NAND die used to store data
  • Interlocking RAID dimensions. So, where three intersecting failures in rows and columns of fragments of data would cause other schemas to lose data, Cubic RAID recovers the data

Makes sense yet? If not, Jeff Bonwick will explain.

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