Apple is planning to make the move from LCD to OLED for the 2017 iPhone, so while this year’s model will stick with the same screen as the current version, bigger upgrades are planned for the next release.

And according to UBS analyst Nicolas Gaudois, the 2017 iPhone is very likely to indeed be the model to launch with an OLED screen manufactured by none other than Samsung. Previous reports indicated that both Samsung and LG Display were in the race to supply OLED panels to Apple, but it turns out that the latter has kind of lost the battle.

And yet, the analyst claims that LG remains a potential secondary supplier, but it has bigger chances to become a more important Apple partner for the 2018 iPhone.

Gaudois doesn’t provide any other details on Apple’s OLED screen, but previous information coming from people with knowledge of the matter indicated that Cupertino was planning the switch only on the Plus model, leaving the LCD screen on the 4.7-inch version.

No bezel, all screen iPhone

Next year’s iPhone is an essential model for Apple as it celebrates 10 years from the launch of the first iPhone, so the company wants to mark this occasion with some pretty big upgrades, including this OLED screen switch.

There were rumors claiming that the OLED screen would cover the whole front fascia of the iPhone, so no bezels would be available and the display would incorporate all front-facing parts, including the FaceTime camera and the Touch ID sensor. If this true, then Samsung is manufacturing a new type of display that integrates the fingerprint sensor, although there’s no information in this regard just yet.

Other sources claimed that the switch to OLED could be delayed until 2018, but it makes more sense to see it happening in 2017, when Apple celebrates the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. And without a doubt, more such speculation will emerge in the coming months, so get ready for even more breaking changes that could take place on the 2017 iPhone.

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