Tools for HR Professionals

HR professionals have one of the less envious roles in many companies; for those running their own business the HR hat that they’re required to wear on occasion should normally be bullet proof and needs to be worn in conjunction with an extra-thick skin.  There are, however, a range of tools to make HR tasks a little easier and for small business owners they can be life savers!

Remote Possibilities

At this time of year managing leave is probably on most business owners minds’.  For small firms one or two members of staff on holiday at the same time can mean virtually the whole company, and allowing staff to take leave often means you can wave goodbye to your own summer holiday.  Who’s Off is a simple online tool to help you manage leave requests efficiently. Of particular interest to small business owners is the ‘online’ bit of that statement.  You can manage and authorise request wherever you have access to the internet – which means you might get that holiday after all.

Training Made Simple

Training, both delivering and designing, is usually part of the HR role.  For those with small companies whose staff are remotely located, or who are required to travel frequently, it can be difficult to manage.  One service that may well be worth looking at to manage this aspect of your HR role is GoToMeeting.  Again, an online service it’s basically a video conferencing suite designed for business – particularly small businesses.  In addition to standard conferencing and webinar management, it also offers a bespoke training delivery service which allows you to create training for staff which can be accessed when and where it’s convenient.

Small Solutions but World Class Software

If you manage your own payroll then software will be essential to save you time, money and frustration.  Intuit, a market leading provider, offer a range of software packages designed with the small business in mind.  These can make managing payroll simple and straightforward, whatever your level of experience.  In addition they also offer a selection of small business focussed accounting and payment solutions which, again, make managing the all-important money side of the business smooth and simple.

New Recruiting

Managing the recruitment process is also a crucial function of your HR team.  The internet offers a whole range of excellent sites that can help you to manage the process.  As the recession continues there is a high level of skilled workers available and finding just the right employee can be time consuming; however, a number of sites should be your first priority for searching.  The directgov site has links to Job Centre Plus, and managing your advertising and recruitment process through this site makes sense.  In addition LinkedIn is a brilliant source of professionals for long or short term positions.  LinkedIn is particularly useful if you require a professional role filled on a temporary basis, to cover parental leave or longer term illness cover.

An HR manager’s lot is not always a happy one, but with a selection of simple online tools and payroll software it can be a little smoother.  Especially for small firms, simple solutions to perennial problems can often be found online.

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